I’m Christianly Busy!

28 04 2008

No time!!

Yes, I know I said I would churn out a manga review after some time but I apologize for failing to do so as I have been so busy at my part-time job. No, it’s not the manga translator job, I haven’t got it yet. That will only come in during May. Anyway, I’m now working part-time at Christian Dior! It’s located at Isetan Scotts, the one at Orchard, near the Orchard MRT station. I’m the only male promoter there so if you do see me, come in and say konnichiwa or something. Just tell me you’re just saying hi so you won’t be served by my lousy sales promoting skills.

Anyway, I am really sorry for not keeping my word and the lack of manga reviews. I really hope I can get some time off and squeeze out a manga review. I haven’t buy nor read mangas in centuries! Oh dear, my Japanese must be getting rusty.

I must be off by now, working in the morning shift tomorrow. Aahhh~~ Don’t forget to drop by and say konnichiwa! =)