My Mangas

This is the list of mangas that I am reading or have completed:


  1. 魔人DEVIL Vol. 1-2 (Completed)
  2. 07-GHOST Vol. 1
  3. Orfina SAGA Vol. 1
  4. ブラッディ・マンデイ Bloody Monday Vol. 1-3
  5. エムxゼロ Mx0 Vol. 1-8
  6. るろうに剣心 Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 1-2
  7. シャイニング・ティアーズ Shining Tears Vol. 1
  8. ニードレス NEEDLESS Vol. 1-2
  9. DOGS Vol. 1
  10. サイコバスターズ Psycho Busters Vol.1

I am willing to buy Japanese mangas from you that you don’t want anymore. So if you’re the type who buys and read mangas but yet do not collect them, then you could sell them to me (at a cheap price, of course) to get back some of your money. Sounds good? =)
I’m specifically looking for:

  1. Rurouni Kenshin (from Vol. 3 onwards)
  2. Suzuka (from Vol. 4 onwards)
  3. Mx0 (from Vol. 2 to 7)

If anyone has some nice manga titles to recommend, please feel free to do it too. =)


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