Manga Review: Shining Tears

17 03 2008

Shining Tears #1

Title: Shining Tears シャイニング・ティアーズ
Author: Kanda Akira 神田 晶

After some research, I found out that this manga is an adaptation of its game counterpart. No wonder it felt like I was playing a game while reading it. The story is set in your typical RPG game setting where there exists knights and soldiers, archers and spell-casters.

The Story
After being saved when he was lying unconsciously near a river, Xion lost all his memory and found himself in an inn in a small town called Shildia. Soon, Xion found himself joining hands with the band of mercenaries, that rescued him, in order to defend Shildia from Lungeist’s (I hope I got the name right) assault. It was then that Xion discovered that he had a pair of rings with him; one was with him, strangely irremovable from his finger, while the other was now with the elvish archer, Elwyn, who had save him earlier. After the other ring had a bearer, Xion immediately changed into another person. The wimpy and polite young boy now became uncouth and rude. He jumped into the battlefield without any hesitations and slew every Lungeist solider he met. Meanwhile Elwyn was raining volleys after volleys of arrows into the battlefield. The rings had given the couple power. Power enough to wipe out an entire army on their own. Indeed, what is the origin of the rings and how did it landed in the hands (or in this case, fingers) of Xion? Does the amnesia of Xion has something to do with the rings’ predecessor, a fighter who had once saved the world from darkness with the power of the rings?

The Review
I have to admit. The storyline isn’t that great, it is an adaptation of the game (which received criticisms for its storyline, by the way) after all. There are a lot of fighting scenes in this manga, definitely, but they are very much like a hack and slash game where a large group of enemies dies with a single, large blow from the good guys. But hey, this is one of the easiest to read manga that I’ve came across. The Japanese used in this manga isn’t too deep (just information for people who reads manga to learn Japanese, like me) and you can pretty much scan through the pages, since there aren’t too much dialogues in it. It’s also quite relaxing to read the manga, a good title to kill time when you want to pass time relaxing. Right, one thing I forgot to mention is I felt like playing a RPG game after reading the book. Haha. Maybe those who have the game might feel like replaying the game after reading this, lol. Overall, I would say this title is more suitable for the younger audience (the fact that I’m going to continue on this title proves I’m young at heart!).

Right, judgment time:

Humor: 4/10
Plot: 5/10
Character Design: 6/10
Overall: 5/10

This manga is currently published in:
No idea if it’s available in Chinese or English, but I doubt so