Pretty Face

8 03 2008

Cover of Pretty Face #1

And so, I have gotten a friend who read (English) Pretty Face as his first manga to do a review on it. Coincidentally, it’s also by Yasuhiro Kano, the same author who drew Mx0. I didn’t read it because I refuse to read non-Japanese mangas and thus, here is his review, enjoy!

Musashi Rando is a high school student whose life has gone awfully wrong. In a twist of fate, he was involved in a traffic accident which caused him to be in coma for about a year. After waking up, he looked into the mirror, and realised that being in coma was the least of his worries.

The eccentric plastic surgeon, Dr. Manabe, who rescued Rando gave him the face of a girl, and of all girls, the face he had is of Rina Kurumi; Rando’s crush in school before he got into the accident. Doctor Manabe explained that after the accident Rando’s face was ruined beyond recognition(not that he looked bloody handsome before the accident), and he had only a picture of Rina in his wallet during the accident, thus giving him no choice but to give him that face…

At first Rando wanted Dr. Manabe to revert his face back to what it was, but Rando could not find a picture of himself at home (his family moved after being too depressed by the accident, it was reported that Rando died during the mishap), nor at school.

While being depressed from unable to revert to his original face, he ran onto the real Rina Kurumi on the streets. Rina mistook Rando for Yuna Kurumi, Rina’s elder twin sister who ran away from home three years ago.

Rina is overjoyed about finding Yuna, as she blames herself for Yuna’s running away. After Rando learned about this, he could not bear to reveal the truth to Rina; to take her smile away.

And thus! The life of Yuna Kurumi begins. How will Rando, a man (still with his genital attached, although Dr. Manabe constantly urges to have them removed) survive the life of a girl, being constantly surrounded by girl friends and panties and breasts? Can Rando survive without being revealed?

Humor (How much I laughed): 7/10
Plot (Storyline): 6/10
Character Design (Well, just… Character Design): 7/10
Overall (Overall feel of the manga): 8/10 (Definitely a good read for laughs!)

This manga is currently available in:

– Chinese (Title is: 漂亮脸蛋, but I’m unable to locate it on ChangYi’s website) Credits to Axel for pointing out the Chinese title to me, thank you!