Bloody Monday Vol. 2

19 03 2008

Bloody Monday Cover #2

Fujimaru’s younger sister, Haruka (oh I forgot to mention he had a cute little sister?), was abducted by the group of terrorists, leaving Falcon no choice but to help carry out their evil deeds. Meanwhile, Fujimaru’s father, Takagi Ryuunosuke, sought help from an old friend in order to analyze a base sample extracted from the deadly virus outbreak in Russia. This was when the killer appeared again to assassinate the scientist, pushing an extra murder charge against Ryuunosuke. Fortunately, not all odds are against Team Falcon & Friends. Their high school teacher’s, Ms. Orihara Maya, alibi went crumbling down when the team discovered a flaw in her alibi. However that alone does not prove her to be part of the terrorist organization. Thus, in a quest to find out if their teacher is truly an ally right from the beginning, or a dangerous enemy spying on their every move, Fujimaru has decided to look for clues in the high school teacher’s apartment.

If volume one did not manage to hold your interests (which I doubt so!), then I hope volume two will do a better job. I strongly advise you to read Bloody Monday if you haven’t already! Volume two is when the plot is thickening and things are getting more and more exciting, I believe this is when I got truly hooked to the manga! I curse Kinokuniya for not having volume four even though it was out since such a long time ago! Curse them, curse them, curse them all!! *ahem* Anyway, let’s get going, shall we? In this volume, Falcon does hacking in ways that you’ll never even imagine! With his father driven to a corner, his sister abducted and a possibility that an ally might actually turn out to be an enemy knowing their every step, how will Falcon save his friends, family, and consequently, Japan from the evil clutches of the unknown terrorist organization with his computer knowledge and hacking skills?

Good news to people who are living in Singapore as Books Kinokuniya Singapore is selling this title, otherwise you could import it online at Amazon Japan!


Bloody Monday Vol. 1

13 03 2008

Bloody Monday Cover 1

Today, I bring to you the review of Bloody Monday. I had intended to introduce this manga to everyone earlier, however I didn’t want to write a crappy review that the manga certainly does not deserve, so I took longer than expected. I really love this manga and it’s currently one of my two favourite titles, the other being Mx0. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading my reviews and hopefully they’re of help to you.

Takagi Fujimaru is Falcon; a young, talented hacker who was employed to work for the government after getting caught. Fujimaru now hacks for the police force of Japan and has helped solved many cases.

It was then that a piece of memory chip was recovered from inside a murdered Russian man’s corpse. Inside it contains what might be a clue to a massive terrorist attack that just occurred in Russia. Falcon was sought in order to decipher the codes and reveal what is hidden in the chip. However, things were not going smoothly for Falcon. Not only was he not able to progress on the deciphering of the chip because his new teacher, Ms. Orihara, accidentally destroyed his super-computer laptop, his father was framed for killing another police officer and is now on the run.

When the deciphering of the chip was finally completed, it turned out to be a home-made video, filmed in Russia during Christmas and titled “Genocide of Christmas” in Russian. It showed a little girl who had blood oozing out of her eyes before a man with his whole body full of pores appearing. A display of the virus’s fatality. Fujimaru made another shocking discovery when he analyzed the video further. A familiar Japanese woman was spotted in the video and it turned out to be none other than his new teacher… Orihara Maya. When confronted, Maya had a solid alibi to prove she was in Japan, and not in Russia on the day of Christmas. Is this purely a coincidence or … is there more than what it seems?

This is a fascinating suspense manga that I think is receiving lesser popularity than it should. I really think this manga should be exposed more and that’s also why I didn’t want to do anything (e.g. a crappy review) that will undermine its popularity. This manga has a deep plot and it is the very reason why I am so interested in it. I just can’t wait for the next volume, Kinokuniya should hurry up and import volume 4, god dammit! And I just discovered that this title has only 5 volumes, if I am not wrong. Oh man, I didn’t think it would end so early.

Humor: 3/10 (Terrorist, virus, blood are no laughing matters, my friend)
Plot: 9/10 (The reason why I can’t let it down once I start reading it)
Character Design: 6/10
Overall: 9/10 (You’d be a fool not to read it)

Very unfortunately for readers who do not know Japanese, once again this title is only published in Japanese.