Bloody Dining #1

10 03 2008

Blan Bloody Dining 1

Those of you who still remembers Kindaichi (Case Files) and how he always swears on his grandpa’s name, please raise up your hands. I didn’t read its manga nor seen its anime but I remember watching the live action of it on my local TV broadcast when I was younger. For those who don’t know, Kindaichi was a smart ass who was able to solve murder cases before the police does (or simply, just click on that the Kindaichi link to read more about it). I loved that show!

Anyway, if you’re wondering why I’m talking about Kindaichi when I’m reviewing BLANの食卓, simple, that’s because BLANの食卓 is like Kindaichi Case Files. Except that he doesn’t have a grandpa to swear on. Haha, anyway, read on for the review!

Yakushimaru Tooru is a high school student who has just binded a contract with Blan, an angel who feeds on caught criminals’ souls. As Blan’s servant, Tooru’s mission is to find the culprits behind the murder cases that occur near him. Tooru received his first case immediately after the contract. The art teacher was murdered in a classroom. Upon arriving the crime scene, Tooru managed to deduce why the teacher was leaning in such an awkward position, held a chiselling knife in her hand and why a wooden sculpture was moved away from its original position. After deducing so much it was not long before the killer was caught and the hungry Blan immediately began her feast on her first prey.

I have yet to read beyond the first chapter of the manga, so I can’t say much more lest I give out wrong information. But it’s probably going to continue in a case-by-case manner, much like any other detective case files shows. So if you liked Kindaichi Case Files or mind-engaging stuff, quizzes and puzzles, then this is probably for you!

Humor (How much I laughed): 5/10 (Humor will not be why you read this anyway!)
Plot (Storyline): 7/10
Character Design (Well, just… Character Design): 7/10
Overall (Overall feel of the manga): 7/10 (Read it if you like mind-engaging activities)

This title is currently only published in Japanese, if I am not wrong. Do correct me if I am wrong though.
BLANの食卓~bloody dining 1 (Japanese)