1 08 2009

Man, I’m surprised this blog is still getting more traffic than I’ve expected even though I haven’t been updating it. I gotta thank Needless for this. Ever since the Anime for it came out, people have been visiting my site for Needless. Hahaha. Damn. I don’t know if I should be glad if an Anime for Needless came out. Because the only reason I read manga is that they aren’t on Anime. But an Anime got produced for Needless. I can’t say I didn’t expect this though. I did gave it a 8 out of 10 rating, after all. Great artwork, humorous cast, good fighting scenes. What’s not to like about Needless? I felt some parental love when I was watching the first episode of Needless. It was like, I don’t know, like, I don’t know, like, I don’t know, like… In case anyone’s wondering, I haven’t been reading much mangas. I’m too financially, and “time-ly”, burdened. I’ve been reading many self-improvement books lately. Yeah, I’m gonna be a better man. I bought like, ten volumes of Suzuka at Kinokuniya when they had their 20% store-wide discount for members and I haven’t even get past like, two of them. Oh what the hell.

I’m planning to get rid of my mangas if anyone wants to buy them, by the way. Only for deals in Singapore though. Sorry whites.

Now, I’m wondering if Bloody Monday is gonna get an Anime too. If you haven’t read it already, read it. After you’ve finished reading my post, of course. Anyone plays Dragonica? I’m on Elga server. Nick’s Zethmere. Hook me up sometime. If you manage to catch me online… that is. As you know I’m a weekday-prisoner at a certain military camp, serving National Slavery. So… yeah.

P.S: Man I still don’t know why this old shitty blog gets traffic while my other paid website flopped. Grrr…. And I can’t do advertisements on this site. Ack! Damn you guys


Translations… done!

1 06 2008

Yeah, I have FINALLY finished the tedious translations for Black Jack NEO and has submitted it to Chuang Yi already. I have no idea when the english version will be coming out but I am really looking forward to it! It’s going to be my first translated book! Yeeaahh!! It was fun and I got to read comics without paying, I also learnt a lot, in terms of Japanese and translating. I’m really looking forward to translating the second volume of the series.

Anyway, they have told me to translate another series. Seems like there aren’t any time for me to take a break, huh? Translating is definitely tedious and on top of that, I’m holding another part-time. A million two thousand and five hundred apologies for the lack of manga review updates. I… really don’t have the time. I spent all my off days translating the manga, damn! I miss writing manga reviews =(

By the way, I checked out Kinokuniya and Volume five of Bloody Monday is out! Sweet! I didn’t had much money with me but I couldn’t resist. You know what I mean.

Accepted @ Chuang Yi!

13 05 2008

Well, well, my apologies for not announcing this sooner but I have been commissioned a few days ago by Chuang Yi to do a short two book series! I didn’t do too well for the mini translation test but I guess they still wanted to try me so here I am! Anyway, I don’t know if I am supposed to reveal what title I am doing but they didn’t say anything about it so here it goes. It’s BlackJack NEO. If I am not wrong, it is a very, very, very, very old manga that got re-drawn by another artist or something. The style of the drawing is not like the usual anime or manga that you see but no it isn’t bad at all.

I haven’t finish reading reading the book so I can’t really do a review on it yet. And for those who wants to read the manga, DON’T READ IT ONLINE! Hahaha, wait for Chuang Yi to publish it (it’s in English, BTW) then you BUY IT AND READ. Do give me your support! Haha! Hope I can do a good job out of it. But it’s really taking its toll on me since I have another part-time job as well. I am currently doing the translations when I am on the train to work and back. And sometimes, even when I am having my break at work. I’m so hardworking, haha.

Anyway, a little while more and I have to be off to work! Do stay tuned for my updates and manga reviews to come! Support it when it comes out arh! ^^

I’m Christianly Busy!

28 04 2008

No time!!

Yes, I know I said I would churn out a manga review after some time but I apologize for failing to do so as I have been so busy at my part-time job. No, it’s not the manga translator job, I haven’t got it yet. That will only come in during May. Anyway, I’m now working part-time at Christian Dior! It’s located at Isetan Scotts, the one at Orchard, near the Orchard MRT station. I’m the only male promoter there so if you do see me, come in and say konnichiwa or something. Just tell me you’re just saying hi so you won’t be served by my lousy sales promoting skills.

Anyway, I am really sorry for not keeping my word and the lack of manga reviews. I really hope I can get some time off and squeeze out a manga review. I haven’t buy nor read mangas in centuries! Oh dear, my Japanese must be getting rusty.

I must be off by now, working in the morning shift tomorrow. Aahhh~~ Don’t forget to drop by and say konnichiwa! =)

Translator Position @ Chuang Yi

18 04 2008

That\'s right, I\'m a cute lil\' girl!

Hello, people! How are you? It’s been long since I updated this mansion of mine, yeah? Anyway, I have good news! When I got my holidays after graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, I sent my resume to Chuang Yi in hopes of securing a translator position. While they said that there were no slots available during that time, it wouldn’t hurt to send my resume over, and so I did. At long last, a good news was sitting in my e-mail inbox yesterday night. Like, I’ve been waiting for it for sooo looong! Chuang Yi had just e-mailed me that they would like to commission me for a short two book series that they MIGHT have in May!

However, nothing is confirmed yet as they require me to take a test to see if I’m a suitable candidate, whether be it my Japanese language proficiency or translating style. Man, this rocks! I’d be able to read my favourite mangas and do what I usually do, but get paid for it! Yay! ^_^ Hopefully they will like my translations and commission me for it. =D

And oh, give me just a liiitle bit more time and you’d have one fresh manga review coming your way

Finally… Bloody Monday #4!

26 03 2008


I finally went to Liang Court Shopping Centre for the first time in my life. I have heard that there were a lot of Japanese comics there compared to the main store Kinokuniya but I’ve never seen it for myself before today. And yeah, there were really a lot more Japanese comics there than at the main Store at Takashimaya. I probably won’t b going to the main store to get comics unless I know that what I want is available there lol, since Liang Court is remotely deserted I don’t want to go there if I don’t have to.

And yes… while browsing the gallery of comics available there, I saw something I couldn’t find for weeks in the main store that made my heart stopped for a moment. A comic with a green spine… Bloody Monday volume four! I pulled it out of the shelf immediately and proceeded to check if there was enough money left in my wallet. After confirming I have enough spare money to buy the book I went to the cashier immediately. =D Okay, then I continued on my work again. Hahahaha, yes I was working when I was at Liang Court, I had to do something there. Ahaha. =D I hope my boss doesn’t see this…

But anyway my work has ended today, for a while, until there are more things for me to do. So hopefully I’ll be able to do more reading and reviewing of manga. XD

I am busy

25 03 2008

Brown Maid

I apologize for the lack of updates these few days. I have found a temporary job and now I don’t even have time to read mangas anymore, much less the time to do a review. =( Anyway, this is a good thing if you look at it from another angle since I won’t have to buy anymore mangas until I finish what I have left currently. =D

And oh, do allow me to talk a little about myself, since I’m not doing any reviews these few days, or weeks. Anyway, I’ve just signed up for a voice-actor course! It’s really expensive, but I feel that it’s worth it because I’ve always wanted to give it a try. The seiyuu school is called 77-Star and you can check out there website over here. Those who are interested in voice-acting, or even if you’re not you can be sure to benefit from the course since the course teaches you the proper ways to project your voice, articulate words and the works, you better sign up now because the industry is still new in Singapore and they are going to need a lot of voice actors/actresses.

There will be an audition on the 5th of April for an anime (made by Singaporeans?) called 1,000 Stars and Squall. I’ve never heard of it but you can check out its sypnosis over at 77-Star’s page. I’m signing up for the audition and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m so excited about it! I think it’s going to be some kickass fun and be quite an experience.

Anyway, I’m out for tonight and rise up early for work tomorrow.

And oh, before you ask, no I am neither working in a maid cafe or as a maid. It’s just a damn picture.