Translator Position @ Chuang Yi

18 04 2008

That\'s right, I\'m a cute lil\' girl!

Hello, people! How are you? It’s been long since I updated this mansion of mine, yeah? Anyway, I have good news! When I got my holidays after graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, I sent my resume to Chuang Yi in hopes of securing a translator position. While they said that there were no slots available during that time, it wouldn’t hurt to send my resume over, and so I did. At long last, a good news was sitting in my e-mail inbox yesterday night. Like, I’ve been waiting for it for sooo looong! Chuang Yi had just e-mailed me that they would like to commission me for a short two book series that they MIGHT have in May!

However, nothing is confirmed yet as they require me to take a test to see if I’m a suitable candidate, whether be it my Japanese language proficiency or translating style. Man, this rocks! I’d be able to read my favourite mangas and do what I usually do, but get paid for it! Yay! ^_^ Hopefully they will like my translations and commission me for it. =D

And oh, give me just a liiitle bit more time and you’d have one fresh manga review coming your way




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19 04 2008

Hey congrats for getting such a wonderful task! Rem to treat me when you get ur first pay, since you’d gotten a job earlier than me =P

p.s Visited my bloggy but nv leave a comment. Meanie =(

20 04 2008

I haven’t really got the job yet, lol. I’m still doing the test. Haha.

21 04 2008

No worries, you’re so smart. You can one!~ *화이팅*

21 04 2008


Ad:화이팅? ファイティン?FIghting?頑張れ?

21 04 2008

Haha, I hope I get the job. The person said she’s quite okay with the translations.

@bangin: 彼女は日本語が分からないんですよ。韓国語だったら別だけど。ww

5 05 2008
tj han

Hi, first time visitor here.

Congrats though! A JLPT 2 level should be far more than enough for most manga, though if it’s a scifi series it could be more difficult. Besides, there should be editors who edit for English.

5 05 2008

Hello tj han. Thanks for visiting. I’ve visited your site numerous times before.

To be honest, I have a lot of problems with translating though. Hope the series will be easy. Haha.

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