I hate Mangas

14 03 2008


Wow, I’ve been reading manga at such a fast pace recently that I’m almost finished with what I’ve raided at Kinokuniya during the 20% discount period. I’m finding myself visiting Kinokuniya at least once a week and now I’m too broke to afford anything. But… but… I really want to continue on the current titles that I am reading! I can’t wait to find out how the story continues, especially Bloody Monday and Mx0 (Vol. 8 is out but I haven’t read it!)! Of course, there is still a bunch of continuation volumes that I really want to purchase… I’m sure you guys know how I feel right now, lol. And man… Running out of mangas means running out of manga reviews! orz.

Reading manga (especially Japanese ones!!) is such an expensive hobby, and oh, I refuse to read online. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve got a few reasons why I don’t like, and don’t read online/on the computer. Well, firstly, it’s the ever-so clichéd line, “There is no feel.” Oh shut up, I told you it’s clichéd. I just don’t like the idea of reading it digitally. Secondly, I told myself that I shouldn’t be facing the computer screen even when I’m trying to read a book, it’s also a way for me to get my eyes off the screen. And thirdly, last but not least, I try not to read mangas while I’m at home, so I only read them when I’m travelling, e.g. on the bus or on the train. With mangas, I can bring them out easily. I’ve got better things to do when I’m at home while I’ve got nothing to do while travelling. So why not? (: What about you? Do you like to read them digitally or is it only due to financial circumstances? I understand your pain, my friend. Damn imported stuffs. I can buy two volumes of ChuangYi’s production with the money I buy one Japanese volume.

Anyway, I need to slow down on my reading pace. Maybe I could take my time to admire the art or analyze how they construct their Japanese sentences (mangakas have good Japanese ok!? Some of the lines are phrased really beautifully). Meanwhile, I really need to get a job to support this expensive pastime, not to mention that I spend a shitload too when I’m at the arcades. Man, how much do you guys spend on mangas anyway? How often do you buy them? Or do you read online? Lol.

If anyone has any jobs to introduce I’d be more happy to take it up, preferably something that allows me to deal with Japanese 😀 I love Japanese! (: Or if anyone wants to sell their Japanese manga for cheap or are willing to lend it to me, I’d also be more than glad to do so! Do check out My Manga page to find out which titles I am specifically looking for! Thank you, my friends.




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16 03 2008

I totally understand how you feel. My greatest fear yet is to have a mandarake or book off nearby and I’d get a chance to buy all the old manga I like. lol. By then, I’d be in deep poverty. But unlike you who has access to a Kinokuniya, I have to order mine online or I go to a manga kissa and both of which are quite costly.

And in cases wherein a manga I want to read is hard to get but someone scanned it, I’m forced to get it in scans. ^^;; I have to admit that I do suffer a bit of a moral struggle when I read scans online. I too hate reading online because it’s not portable (and it makes my butt big for sitting all day). Unlike mangas, you can read it while you’re in bed, during breakfast, in the train, and so on. More so, you can’t support the mangaka if you just keep on reading the scans. If there’s only thing good with it, is if you’re looking for things to read and you want to sample a manga, it leaves little commitment unlike having bought a manga that turned out to be ugly. *sigh*

I totally feel your need for a job to sustain a manga life. :3 lol. Almost all of my earnings go to my manga habit. ;w;

16 03 2008

Hahaha. Yes, I’m very much inclined to turn to reading scans online too. That’s why I need strong, valid reasons to prove that reading the book is much better than reading online. I can’t do anything without a reason.

And hey, Kinokuniya is expensive. The Japanese manga sold there is twice the price it is sold in Japan. It costs like roughly SGD$5 for one manga in Japan (after conversion), but it’s like $10 (at least) over here. English mangas imported from US/Canada is even more expensive, but luckily I don’t read them. Lol. How much are yours? If you’re ordering online like from Amazon or something, then it’s cheaper than the price Kinokuniya is selling over here. Those scums! 😀

Yeah, I better find a job soon too, I’m on holidays for now. 😀 How old are you? You’re working already right?

18 03 2008

Import the titles from Japan yourself! Use vPOSTJAPAN for shipment, which will be significantly cheaper. I bought something for my project using vPOSTUSA from a US company, and shipment fee was originally close to S$60 (that item costs around S$18). However thanks to vPOST, the shipment fee was reduced to around S$22.

Go view the offers!

P.S If you are actually signing up for vPOSTJAPAN, do inform me! I also have something in mind! :p

19 03 2008

Oh my god. It sounds, awesome! But then if I’m going to import then it means I need to do bulk orders… which I don’t really mind, provided I can restrain myself long enough not to spend those money I saved. Lol.

Woot, hey, if I manage to save money with this service I’m going to give you a treat! Ahahaha.

What are you intending to buy from Japan? Comics too? Or other guilty pleasures? XD

19 03 2008

This is what I have in mind. The whole series can also be found in Takashimaya Kinokuniya artbook section. To save on shipping fee, you can ask more people to order stuffs at one shot and split the shipping fee among everyone.

19 03 2008

Oh… I’ve seen this before! Haha. Who drew this art book? I didn’t know you were interested in drawing or graphics!

And there are 10 volumes to it, no surprise why you want to order it online instead. Haha.

20 03 2008

It’s not just an ordinary artbook, it contains manga in full colours as well. The arts look great, and the main artist is Range Murata, designer for the anime “The Last Exile.”

20 03 2008

Oh… I see. Full colours… gonna be expensive eh? LoL. Have you read the manga inside yet? Any idea what’s the story about? 😀

24 03 2008

!!! The Robot series is expensive! (Well, cheaper in yen) The translated version costs a bomb! I bought my first 3 volumes in Japan. Basically they’re sort of like anthologies spearheaded by Range Murata. There are a few sequential stories but most of it are one-shots. It’s a good investment though!

24 03 2008

Ahh… I see I see. Lol, is it really that good? Then I must take a look after Axel buys it. Hehe.

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