Kinokuniya once again

11 03 2008


Yesterday I received a phone call from Kinokuniya telling me that the two mangas that I ordered (they were out of stocks before then) have arrived. And it so happens that today is the last day of the 20% discount sales period. How lucky! I thought it would never arrive in time for it. Anyway, the two manga titles that I had ordered were: Shining Tears Vol.1 and Psycho Busters Vol.1. So I went down and collected them today. However, I also browsed around and found two more titles that got me interested. Luckily, I was able to resist buying them and took no more than the two books that I ordered out of the store. Sigh. I think I’m officially a manga addict now. Speaking of which, I still don’t see Bloody Monday Vol.4 anywhere around when it’s already out!!! AHH!!

I haven’t read them, I’ve still got quite a few books on my table still in their shrink-wrapped condition. Overview of my treasure raid from Kinokuniya’s 20% Discount Sales:

– Dogs
– Shining Tears
– Psycho Busters

Man, this is more like Kinokuniya’s raiding our wallets than us raiding their stores. =( I need a job, seriously.




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