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9 03 2008


Barely recovering from my fever, I went to Kinokuniya @ Takashimya (Oh hey, they rhyme!) to purchase more mangas! I only went down today because I had something else to do anyway, but most importantly, they had 20% discounts today! So, woot, why not! My friend got Pretty Face Vol. 3 and 4 too. Though, I didn’t buy any volumes to continue the current titles that I am reading. I bought three spanking new titles: NEEDLESS, Dogs, BLANの食卓(しょくたく) or BLAN’s Dining Table.

I’ll describe each of them in a few lines just to give everyone an overall idea, however I haven’t read them yet too so I’m just guessing.

NEEDLESS art style looks very Megaman to me. Peeping through the shrink-wrapped cover, I figure it’s about fighting with high teched weapons like guns and missiles and… the works. I got attracted to its art, looks neat.

Dogs, after reading the summary at the back, it’s about the underground society: mafias! And I see a girl holding a katana. What can be more tempting than a katana when I am a Rurouni Kenshin fan? (: Anyway, like NEEDLESS, there are no furigana for the words in the manga. So both of them are going to be hard reads.

Last, but not least, BLAN’s Dining Table is about a mortal binding a contract with a BLAN (OMG Code Geass! and don’t ask me what a BLAN is). And that contract requires a boy, the protagonist, to punish evil people by feeding their souls to the BLAN (OMG Death Note!). Therefore, BLANの食卓 = Lelouch punishing people with a notebook. Anyway, I don’t think BLAN has anything to do with psychological battles or Geass or pizzas. I’m a bit skeptical as to how good this title will be but who knows? Let’s see how it turns out! (:

That’s it for now! Do wait for my reviews before you start spending money on those titles! (:




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