Back from Tioman!

1 03 2008

Yeesssss! I am home finally! To be honest, I reached home last night, but I was too tired and had too much stuff to deal with to blog. And thus the delayed update. Sorry people~

While reviewing my trip to Tioman will stray from the blog’s real purpose (Japanese-related stuff), this blog is, after all, my blog and I started it with the intention of posting whatever I wanted to. Aha. Well, I suppose knowing more of what happens to the author of the blog you visit is important too man. I even have some photos for everyone ^^

On the way from Mersing (the place we arrived by bus to take a boat) to Tioman (our destination(目的地もくてきち)!) by boat (ふね), the waters changed from being murky, disgusting brown to clear, opaque dark blue. I can tell you, the blue water was simply beautiful and a sight to behold. The sands (すな) were quite white too. The combination of the waters and the sands made me felt as though the boat had accidentally brought us to Hawaii instead (not that I’ve went Hawaii before so I don’t know first-hand how it looks like).

So… what did we do at Tioman? On the first day, we went trekking(テレッキング). We were able to look at the sea (うみ) from a higher vantage point. The view was …beautiful. After that, we went for a short snorkeling (スノーケル) session at the beach that acts as a training session before the real deal: Snorkeling in the middle of the sea! There were not a lot of corals and fishes in the shallow waters of the beach (はま) but still it was a lot of fun. We learnt how to snorkel properly, wearing the life jacket, the mask and the tube you use to breathe while your face is in the water. Snorkeling is easy, and fun. (:

On the second day, some of us, including me, overslept so we missed breakfast and went for snorkeling (the real deal!) immediately. The boat ferried us to the middle of nowhere for some snorkeling fun. HA. Too bad I did not have a waterproof camera with me so I was not able to take photos of the corals (珊瑚さんご) and fishes (さかな) under the deep blue seas. 😦 Too bad for you guys! HAHA. You could go and see it with your own eyes! (; Anyway, the corals weren’t as spectacular and breath-taking as the rumors I heard from my friends. Most of the corals were all dead and thus brown in colour; none of the colourful red, blue, green, yellow, purple, cyan, magenta, white, neon green corals that I had expected. Still, it was quite an experience for me, being it was my first underwater (水中すいちゅう) experience.

The third day, and the last day of activity, was a visit to a waterfall (たき). However, it was not one of those super-high waterfalls where the fall is very high that you often see on TVs. Still, the current was strong enough to make one of my friends lose his spectacles and almost his slippers too. Who wears slippers into a waterfall anyway? Serves him right, HA!

Anyway, this is a very brief review of what me and my friends did at Tioman, but it consists of the main activities. I will be uploading more photos when my photographer friend, Windbell, has finish uploading the wonderful photos he took for the whole group. And I decided not to stray from my blog’s purpose, by including Japanese terms relevant to the topic. Hope you guys enjoy it! (:

And oh, did I mention that I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me on the table when I reached home? Guess what? The results of my JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) 2 that I took last year December has arrived! WOOOT! I immediately ripped the envelope apart and slowly unfolded the papers that will decide my fate. And it turned out that I passed!!!! WOOT. I passed JLPT2!

I scored 91/100 for my Writing & Vocabulary, 63/100 for my Listening and 136/200 for my Reading & Grammar. That makes up a total of 290/400 marks. You need at least 240 marks (60%) to pass, in other words, yes once again, I have passed! Come on everyone, give me 5! *^5* While the grade was not outstanding, at least I passed it! It’s my first attempt at JLPT, and I passed it on the first try! Now I can hold my head high against my Japanese teacher who said I would not pass it. “There was a time, when everyone said I couldn’t make it… But I did… But I did…~~”. Haha.

With that, I am going down to Bugis to collect my certificate now. Adios!

Update: Woops, only able to collect it from Mondays to Fridays. Hahah, too excited!




4 responses

7 03 2008

Congratulations on passing your 2Kyuu! Now you can tell anyone you really understand Japanese. lol. Doesn’t that feel great? :3

7 03 2008

Haha yeah it sure feels great. When you don’t have a certificate people gives two-hoot about what you say. Things will be different when you have a certificate to back you up! Haha.

How about you? Are you studying Japanese too?

8 03 2008

Yeah I am. And just like you, a great percentage of what I know was self-study. I started around 2001 but only took things a lot more seriously by 2003. I already have a level 3 certificate, which took me err… 2 years of dedicated study. I’ll work on my level 2 this year or maybe the year after. lol. Still working on those 1500 kanjis! がんばります!

9 03 2008

Haha, awesome! Keep it up. But don’t worry too much on the kanjis. Seriously, lol. Don’t tell me you’re going to study 1,500 kajis just to answer those, like, 10 kanji questions lol. I skipped studying kanji and focused on reading and watching anime instead (woops!) (:

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