Words @ Geass: #2

25 02 2008

健在(けんざい) – Just a simple kanji. This is to wellness in health. It does not simply means “health” but, good health (: However, I believe this does not limit to referring to one’s body health. It should also be able to use to refer to an activity being healthy. Like say, a country’s economy, or a community, etc.

Source of phrase: Japanese Manga ブラッディ.マンデイ(Bloody Monday) #1
Original phrase: 「ファルコン」健在だな!(Falcon is still healthy eh?)
Usage example: テロ事件が起きたのせいで、アメリカの経済が余り健在じゃないですね。(Because of the terrorist incidents at America, their economy is not so well/healthy now).

(め)も不(ふ)(じ)(ゆう)な身(み)(うえ) – This is pretty tricky. The words used here are all pretty simple. However, it does not mean what it seems to mean. If I were to translate it as it is, it would come down to “The eyes are on top of this inconvenient body”. This is said by an old granny in a manga scene, so it made perfect sense. However, while the usage of “の上” can indicate position, it also can indicate the level of something. This is similar to saying “My skills are above yours”. Here, it does not mean that A’s skill is on the 2nd storey while B’s skill is on the 1st storey. Should be clear enough by now, I guess. Thus I thought it would mean “In addition to this inconvenient body of mine, I have this blind eyes”. However, it seems that I am not so correct after doing a search on what “身の上” means. It actually means situation! (No link!) So yep, the unpolished translation would be “My eyes are in an inconvenient situation”! Finally, after such a long trail of investigations. What a journey!

Source of phrase: Japanese Manga オルフィーナサーガ(Orfina SAGA) #1
Original phrase: あたしゃ身寄りも無いし目も不自由な身の上だ (On top of not having any relatives, my eyes are blinded).
Usage example: The vocabulary that we learnt here is 身の上, so… 人を助けれところか僕自身はやばい身の上だ。 (I myself is in a dangerous situation, I am not in a position to save the others).

Alright! End of this post’s word list! I’m so sorry for not being able to include more words for this post. I am so tired right now, I had to activate my Bankai just to type this post out. Damn, I need torest now. Worked yesterday and today @ Pasir Ris OCBC roadshow.

Once again, I hope this post helps. Do leave a comment if it helps you and do keep checking back often (: More updates to come (Not just more Japanese words! Surprise!).

Oyasuminasai, people! (It means good night!)




4 responses

25 02 2008


Wow, I just stumbled upon your blog. It’s a great idea to put up “pearls” from mangas to help people improve their Japanese.
Perhaps there’s some manga you could recommend for a beginner to read?

25 02 2008

Hey! Welcome my blog! Thanks a lot for your comment. It was most encouraging and appreciated! =)

Ahhh, manga for beginners… I didn’t think of that. I think that’s a really good idea. Some manga do require higher Japanese requirements than others.
Okay, point taken! I will most certainly do that.

By the way, what does “pearls” from manga means? Hehe. And are you from Japan? 😀

Thanks for the feedback! (:

27 02 2008


By saying “pearls” from manga I was referring to the sources of the Japanese words you were writing about in this post 🙂

I’m not from Japan myself, but I do live here now. I only came here in October though, so everything, including the language, is new for me… I’m really desperate to learn Japanese ASAP, hence the search for blogs and everything Japanese related 🙂 A few friends have recommended reading manga, because supposedly it’s very colloquial and often not too grammatically demanding so that’s gonna be my next step! As well as translating what on earth I ate for lunch yesterday 🙂

29 02 2008

Oh, I see! That’s really awesome man. I’ve been wanting to go Japan for a very long time now. But it is too expensive for me to afford. 😦 Are you there on a holiday or..? Where are you from originally by the way?

Yeah reading manga really helps. That was why I started manga in the first place: to improve my reading speed and to widen my vocabulary. My opinion? Very effective! ^^ I can read so much faster now, though still not at an incredible speed.

Alright then, I’ll try to improve everyone’s Japanese with this tiny blog of mine!

Thank you!

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