NP Tioman Trip

25 02 2008

Elf on HillHello guys! Finally the exams are OVER! And since I am a 3rd-year, which is the last year, at Ngee Ann, this means that I HAVE GRADUATED! Well, not officially yet but I don’t think I’ll be failing any modules so… WOOOOOOOOT! And now, it is time for me to travel… with my friends and staffs @ NP, to a place called Tioman in Malaysia! Don’t ask me where is Tioman, I’ve never stepped into the soils of the Melayu country even once! I will be gone from the 26th February and come back on the 29th of the same month. Oh yeah, it’s a leap year! (:

So I won’t be able to update this blog for a few days, but rest assured, since I am having my holidays now I’ll update loooots! So be sure to bookmark me and check back often! And oh, I’ll take loooooooooots of photos and upload for everyone to view, the beautiful scenery (I’ve heard a lot of praises for Tioman’s scenery). And did I mention I am the student leader for this trip? 😀 Feeling excited and stressful at the same time, this is my first time being in a leader position (in real-life) after all. Hope I will be able to handle this well!

Well, this will be my last post before I set off for Tioman tomorrow @ 7AM (SO EARLY!!! GOSH). Hmmm, buy I can spare the time, after I do some preparations for the ice-breaker games tonight, then I might do another post… (:





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