You die if you get Moe’d

10 12 2007

Alright, I wish to share with you guys a wonderful video I found in NicoNico. They always have a rule for the video, like for example in this case, the author states that “You die if you get MOE’D”. You should view the users’ comments in the original video link, they’re really funny. Do note that they are in Japanese and you need an account to watch videos over there.

Do tell me if anyone needs a guide on how to create an account at NicoNico, I’ll try to get one up if there’s anyone who needs it. Anyway, please enjoy the 15 minutes long video showcase of super cutie and moeish kittens. Remember, you’re exterminated if you get moe’d by them!


EDIT: Oh shet. I don’t know how to embed videos!! :O I’ll get it up ASAP, after my long-awaited dinner. rawr! NEKO NEKO!
EDIT2: Oh shet x2. It seems that NicoNico don’t allow people to embed their videos 😦 If someone happens to knows how to, please teach me. Oh well. Grrrrr




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