I took JLPT2

6 12 2007

Alright, so I took JLPT2 this year. So what are my opinions on JLPT2 and how I would fare? Especially when I did not study specifically for it. No JLPT books, no revision papers. Just me, my Japanese manga and Anime. Well… It was hard. It’s harder than the language papers you take in your secondary school. Like way harder. The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is split into three sections.

The first section tests your knowledge on kanji characters.

For example: 登山
a) とうやま b) とうざん c) とやま d) とうやま

Yeah, like that. Little to my expectations, this kanji section was pretty simple this year. I’ve took a few glances at a JLPT2 revision book before and I did not recognize any of the kanji inside. So you can guess how worried I was for the kanji section before I took the exam. But yeah, the kanjis were pretty simple this year, so phew~

The second section is the listening section.

IT WAS AWFUL. I understood their conversation but… No I did not understand the important details, which was what mattered. So… What? What did I do? I… roughly guessed the answers. Yep, guessed. XD Probably fail this shitty section. Need more practice with listening…. oh well, MORE RAW ANIME RAWR ANIMES.

Ahh, the third section, which is the… the… horrible section.

This section gives  you like… I dunnoe, five or six passages. Two long ones and the rest half-a-page passages. Then after that you gotta answer questions. Yeah like what you do during your Chinese papers in secondary school. Luckily for the students, it’s all Multiple-Choice Questions. For this section, you really gotta do speed-reading, and that’s something that I don’t even do when reading English texts. So this section forced me to change my style of reading and answering completely. I didn’t even had the time to read the passages twice to confirm my answers. Heck, I didn’t even had time to PONDER on the answers. Once I found something that SEEMS to be right and the others do not seem to be correct, I have to put that answer down and move on to the next question. I’m not the type to rush through the papers, I always need to read everything slowly and ponder over my answer selections. Oh well.

Seems like I  don’t really have a high chance of passing… Do I? ROFL. Either way, whether I pass or fail JLPT2, I’ve already decided to take JLPT1 next year.




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11 02 2008


I need to take JPLT4. lol.

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