Suay / スーエ

3 11 2007

Today felt like a Friday the 13th to me, wait, no, worse than it. Nothing bad happens to me on Friday the 13ths anyway (and it better stay that way).

So… I went to the Bugis Virtualand (A.K.A TKA Arcade) today to play my favourite fighting game of all times, Guilty Gear. Yes I lost to the players there badly blah blah blah… and guess what I realized when I was about to leave for dinner with my friend? MY FRICKIN’ CARD ISN’T THERE. It wasn’t in my wallet, nope. It wasn’t on the machine, nope. It was not on the floor either, nope nope. Something dawned on me. Someone must’ve stolen it! Or rather, picked it up on the floor right beside me and didn’t bother to return it to me. Good job, son of a you-know-whats. Oh oh, and guess what? There was actually a guy who, after being questioned by me, told me that he THINKS some guy at the opposite took it. Good job, mashed potato brain, you didn’t bother to tell me when you saw it? OH WELL. Lost $4 bucks there. Phew, I’m glad I didn’t choose to top up $10 and went for $5 instead.

Okay, so after eating I went to Bugis Street and bought an Ink bag (What do you expect? Gucci? I’m a poor folk who’s content to have even some money in my tattered wallet). Squeezed through the mass of human lowlifes and went up the bus which was filled with MORE human lowlifes. We had a pretty good feel of how canned sardines feel when they are inside the can. We’ll never think the same way of canned sardines anymore. Anyway, after I reached home… I realized… that… the keys weren’t in my pocket! NO!!! Very apparently, there was no one at home… Yay go me go me.


Fine, at least I didn’t lose $10 and my keys. I’m glad for that alright? Thank Lord for having mercy upon this human lowlife.




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