Paths derived from Anime

2 11 2007

Few days ago I visited the Kaleidoscope event (for those who do not know what it is please click here). Upon reaching there, I saw many people over at the Graffiti Corner (it’s a place for people to showcase (read: showoff :P) their drawing skills); some of them drawing, the others watching. After a while more of watching those beautiful arts and the serious look on the artists’ faces, something dawned on me. I suddenly realize how wonderful the existence of Anime is. Many people watch Anime and from there, different people find different interests in Anime. Because of Anime, some people realize how beautiful the Japanese language is and took classes and work hard to master the language. Another group of people will find that their interests lie in animating, and learn animation whether on their own or by classes. Yet another group will find out that they might like acting and aim towards being a seiyuu (voice actor/actress). And these people, lurking around the Graffiti Corner, are those who find great interests in drawing. I’m pretty damn sure many of them learnt to draw on their own (though some might take classes, but it doesn’t really matter here) and look how far they have come. I’d say there is some of them there will not lose to the mangaka (漫画家) or genka (Not sure about this, I’m trying to write the animation artists though, lol) or whatever ka (家) who draw your everyday Anime.

I mean, I’m really surprised at how far Anime has brought people to. People learnt all these skills on their own because of Anime. If they didn’t had watch Anime, they wouldn’t be able to draw like they do now, they wouldn’t be able to speak and write Japanese like they do now. I even saw someone selling his own composed musical pieces at the booth. I’d bet he wants to be the guy that is in-charge of all those background music you hear whenever there is a sad scene or something. That guy will make you cry at his music some day, watch out!

I hope those people will continue working hard towards whatever their dreams are. And I hope so for myself too. Also, let us hope that Anime will nurture more talents and bring people to greater success! Anime Banzai!




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