Movie Review: The Girl who Leapt Through Time

29 07 2007

Alright, this is my first time reviewing a movie, so please try not to be too harsh on me. Thanks~ ^^;

A brief introduction for those have yet to catch the movie. Obviously, movie reviews will contain spoilers. So turn your heads if you have intentions of catching the film yourself.

This movie is about a normal high school, tomboyish girl, Makoto Konno, who chanced upon a time device that came from the future and accidentally used it on herself without herself realizing it. It was revealed that the time device actually belongs to a boy, Chiaki Mamiya, who came from the future. He is one of Makoto’s closest friend, along with another guy.

After realizing that she had the ability to leap backwards in time, she used it for a lot of trivial, everyday activities. She used it to extend her karaoke session; everytime someone informs them that their session is almost over, she would leap back in time so she, and her friends, could continue singing.

Makoto had told her auntie, whom she calls “Witch Auntie”, of her powers. Whether she really believed Makoto’s story or not I could not tell but still she offered Makoto advice on her newfound powers. After Makoto told Witch Auntie that she uses her power to make things go her way (trivial things, though), she told Makoto “But don’t people losses when you gain?”

Indeed, there were. Previously Makoto had made a fool out of herself when she tried to fry tempura during a Home Economics lesson. However, after a time leap, she made a guy behind her switch positions with her. The guy screwed up, too AND he offended a group of guys during that accident (maybe the oil spilled onto them or something). Since that, the group of guys have been bullying Makoto’s victim (sorry I forgot the pitiful guy’s name). Makoto’s victim, reluctant to get bullied, fought back. Makoto’s victim eventually had a mental brokedown and throwed a fire extinguisher at the one who made things this way, Makoto. Chiaki then tried to protect Makoto by shielding her from the fire extinguisher. Makoto who also wanted to protect Chiaki, used her time leap ability to jump back in time a few moments back and managed to pushed Chiaki out of the flying object’s way. However… another girl got hurt instead.

A lot more things went through, and it will take me days to finish writing if I were to write them out. Do watch the movie, it was really nice.

Author’s views:

I liked the movie. It had a good blend of humour and some heart-stopping scenes. During the scene where Makoto and Kouske were about to get into an (different, but similar) accident , I swear to Lelouch that my heart stopped beating for half a second. It was that thrilling. Chiaki suddenly declaring that he is from the future really gave the show a big twist. Hmm, not much bad points about the movie, IMO. I could be biased, cause it’s Anime. AHA. Anyway, I think it’s very worth the time to watch this show. I give it 4/5!




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30 07 2007

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30 07 2007

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30 07 2007

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31 07 2007

oops. sorry was reading your blog so simply drop u a tag. forget the wonderful thing call msn.. since i was web surfing. (; paiseh..

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