A Day In Orchard Alone

25 07 2007

Heard of the Anime movie, “The Girl who Leapt Through Time”? I just came back from watching it.

I wanted to very much watch it because I was not able to catch any of the other previous Anime movies (like Howl’s Moving Castle, etc) in the cinemas before, so I really wanted to experience the feeling of watching Anime on the big screen.

Unfortunately, none of my friends were able to make it because they either have school or they simply did not want to watch it. Since I really wanted to watch it, I had no choice but to venture Orchard alone because today was the last day it would be aired. I was really lucky to be able to catch it even though the movie had been airing for quite a long time. It had only one timeslot left which was at 1PM!

Note: I have neither been to a movie nor tour Orchard road alone before in my life. Yes! I did two “first-time-in-my-life” things together!

After alighting at the Orchard MRT station and made my way to the exit above, there stood two paths before me I could take. One is left and the other is… yes. Right. Left and right. I did not know which way was the correct direction for Orchard Cathay. 50-50. After some recalling, I took the left path and continued until Far East Plaza was in my sight. I was not able to see Orchard Cathay even after walking such a long distance so I phoned a friend for some enlightenment. He told me to continue going left, so I did.

But it was WRONG! It was wrong from the very start! Anyway, I managed to reach my destination in time and purchased a ticket which only costed me $6.50! Woot, cheap!

All in all, spending a day alone and watching a movie with myself was not all that bad. I believe it is not that bad to go out with yourself once in a while. Though I did get a little lonely at some certain points of time. But it was still good overall; I would continue to watch movies alone if I have to.

After the movie I went to Kinokuniya to check out some manga and the latest Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and the Japanese Harry Potter books. OH BOY, the Japanese versions were very expensive! Guess how much they costed? They were $90 plus for the thicker titles (split into two books) and $50 plus for the thinner ones! What the ph**k hell!? The reason the thicker titles were split into two parts is because of the format Japanese books are written. Like mandarin books, they are written (and read) from right to left, one line by one line.

how      This
they      is
are         an
written, example
get         of

I really want to read them though. Both Japanese and English version. I would probably try to borrow the the English version of The Half-blooded Prince and the latest title, The Deathly Hallows, from friends and save up enough money for the Japanese versions. Anyone here kind enough to lend me your sixth and the last book of Harry Potter? Please? Pretty pretty please? =(

I would probably comment on the movie “The Girl who Leapt Through Time” a little and share my thoughts on it. Kind of like a small movie review. So please look out for it. People who have seen this movie too are welcomed to share their views on it.




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26 07 2007

Hmm.. which era u come from?!
u actually got lost in ORCHARD?! this is bad!!

And the jap version is super ex but it will definitely help u enhance your jap. (;

26 07 2007

I thought that Toki wo kakeru Shoujo was a pretty good movie.I had a great time watching it. I liked that part where Makoto tried to help get her junior and Kousuke together. It was really funny. Oh,and the ending was quite a sad one,with Chiaki leaving Makoto.

26 07 2007

@Nadiah:Yeah I know. That’s WHY I want to get it. I want to get all the titles.. but Goblet of Fire and Half-blooded prince costs $90 plus each. =( You might not know it yet but I have bad sense of direction.

@doubleblader: Yeah I find it very interesting too! It had a good blend of humor and some heart-stopping scenes. The part where Makoto was trying to save Kousuke and that junior was really good! I bet my heart stopped beating for a moment!

27 07 2007




28 07 2007



28 07 2007



28 07 2007


28 07 2007




1 11 2007

noobling spooted .. so long nv come your blog dunnoe u actually get lost in orchard road …
Go cine muz take mrt to somerset shorter.. 未だ未だだね。。
So you actually watch tat movie alone without me !!

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